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about me


Who is SHE,


So, let’s start from the beginning…


My name is Tiffany and I’m head chef and owner of Cupcakes at Tiffany’s. My love for baking started over 25 years ago at age eight, when I received my first Easy-Bake Oven. As a little, girl, I used to love baking treats for my very first playmates – siblings, cousins and friends. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by baking. Some of my earliest memories are of peeking over my father’s shoulder as he baked sweet potato pies for our holidays and family celebrations.


Those memories are something that I cherished and frequently looked back on as I grew-up and decided to major in Finance at college. As I started my career in insurance and risk management, I knew that my creative passions laid outside of Corporate America. However, it was not until my son’s 2nd birthday that I knew what I was going to try my hands at being a baker. Leading up to his second, birthday, I was determined to bake the perfect cake all by myself! As you can imagine, there were multiple hiccups and self-doubt along the way. But, after a few attempts, I successfully made a fondant covered cake that was a hit at the party!


For next 7 years, I wore two hats – being an insurance analyst by day and a cake artist by night. I’m truly blessed and honored that Cupcakes at Tiffany’s started to grow as more friends and family begin to recommend me to their friends and family over the last seven years. So this year, I took a leap of faith and decided to give up my Corporate America hat so I could fully devote my time, energy and passion to growing my craft and doing what I love – creating delights that allow you to gather and celebrate together – be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, baby or a girls night in!


My caking journey is far from over! I would love to make your special occasion even more extraordinary with my artistic abilities, custom designs and quality ingredients.



With lots of Sugar,


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