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Please fill in the required information on our inquiry form. We strongly suggest attaching pictures of design/aesthetics/color inspiration.

Please allow 24 hours for our response.

Please note Friday through Sunday we are usually placing our final touches, out meeting clients and making special deliveries!

Mondays we are are closed and will touch base by Tuesday.


All orders will require a deposit to secure booking and date.

We can book out months in advance, however availability is limited each week due to production.


We will always do our best to accommodate!

We do not provide services on Monday- Wednesday

What would you like to order?

Each Cake Tier - is 3 layers thick and 6 inches tall

How many tiers do you desire?
Cake Flavor - please choose one flavor per tier
How will you get your cake?
Would you like fresh flowers added to your cake? Flowers start at $20
Upload Inspiration Photo
Upload Inspiration Photo
Upload Inspiration Photo
Upload Inspiration Photo

Thanks for submitting your inquiry form!

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